Investment Opportunities


  • is a capital growth focused fund marketing to the Irish  investor;
  • drives value through a disciplined acquisition process and asset management strategies;
  • is currently targeting office and high street retail in Dublin city centre;
  • is a regulated open-end property fund with a full discretionary mandate;
  • utilises equity and debt to fund investments and does not pay a dividend. 

Key metrics:

  • €54.4 million gross asset value *
  • 5.52% annualised return since June 2015 *

  • Gearing < 60%
  • 5 ongoing projects

* as at 31st December 2021

Since inception in June 2015 the PVAF C Class units are up 41.77% (CAR 5.52%)  

All PVAF performance figuresrelateto Share Class C. They are net ofcosts and fund management fee but before tax. 

Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance

Separate Accounts

BCP offers a broad range of real estate investment strategies, which are created from the same innovation, research and discipline that has consistency driven our real estate activities since 1984.

Our investment strategies can be structured as open-end or closed-end commingled funds or separate accounts, and span the risk return spectrum, including core, core plus, value-add and development.

Fund Update

Please note the fund re-values the underlying assets in the fund twice a year (in June and December). Subscriptions need to be made to the fund prior to the May and November cut-off dates to be impacted (positively or negatively) by any movements in the Fund NAV that are incurred as a result of the asset revaluations. Asset revaluations are carried out by external, independent valuation agents.

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Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. If you invest in this Fund you will not have any access to your money for at least 2 years. Where redemption requests exceed the cash in the Fund, or 10% of the NAV of the Fund, the Fund retains the right to freeze redemptions to avoid circumstances such as a forced sale of assets. The value of the property assets may fall as well as rise and it is possible that you may lose the total amount invested. The risks involved in geared property are greater than property without gearing. Your investment in this Fund may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates. Deductions for charges and expenses are not made uniformly throughout the life of the product but are loaded onto the early period. This is a capital at risk product.