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BCP Film Finance Scheme 2

Due to the continued strong pipeline of high quality loan projects, the BCP Film Finance Scheme 2 is re-open for investments until the 14th December 2018. This partnership with Grant Thornton, follows the highly successful 1st BCP Film Finance Scheme which commenced in April 2015 and matured at the end of April 2018. The Scheme continues to meet its target return of 6%/7% p.a., and we are expecting to make the 1st distribution to investors in Q1 next year.

The new Scheme aims to provide short term finance to small and medium sized blue chip film and television projects which meet strict investment criteria. The scheme is targeting a return of 6%-7% per annum over the remaining 2 year 5 month term, with annual distributions. Investors will have the option to exit at the end of years 1 & 2 with 3 months’ notice provided, subject to the availability of cash in the fund.  

The summary features of this Scheme top-up are as follows:-

  • Provides loans to Blue Chip Film & TV projects
  • All fim projects will be fully financed and fully contracted 
  • Target Return is 6% - 7% per annum (net of all fees, gross of tax) over the 2 year 8 month term, with annual distributions
  • 3 projects financed by the 1st Scheme won Awards in the 2018 Irish Film & Television Awards
  • Loan projects recommended by Grant Thornton, approved by BCP
  • Exceptional track record; €500m+ successfully invested in 200+ previous projects
  • Available to a wide array of investors including Personal, Pension, SSAP, ARF/AMRF, PRB, Corporates, and Charities
  • Minimum investment amount of €25,000 
  • Closing Date 14th December 2018
  • Click here for an update on the scheme


Please note that the BCP Film Finance Scheme is NOT regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. 


Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up. You may get back less than you put in. Warning: If you encash your investment before the 2 year 5 month term, there may be insufficient cash to meet your early exit request. Warning: The income you get from this investment may go down as well as up. Warning: If you invest in this scheme, you may lose some or all of your Investment.

SSAP is Small Self-Administered Pension. ARF is Approved Retirement Fund. AMRF is Approved Minimum Retirement Fund. PRB is Personal Retirement Bond.


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