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Fees, Charges & Remuneration

General Information

Please click here for BCP'S fees, chanrges and remuneration document. 

We may charge you a fee for the services provided. In particular, if we arrange a product for you with a product producer with whom we do not hold an appointment in writing, then we will charge you a fee for our services. This fee will reflect the average level of commissions payable by other product producers for similar types of products; if no such commission is payable we will advise you of the basis of calculation of our fee at the time.

If fees or charges apply to the provision of our services, we will advise you in writing of the amount payable in advance, or if the amount is not known at the time, the basis of calculation of the amount payable. Unless otherwise advised to you (for example in connection with a particular product or service) we will issue you with an invoice for the amount due which may be settled by cheque or bank transfer to our account.

Statutory taxes and levies and other charges that are neither imposed by us nor paid via us may also be payable by you.

Our services may be paid for by introductory and recurring remuneration payable directly from product/ service providers. These amounts will be notified to you in the documentation relating to the particular product. 

We do not receive any soft commissions.

If we receive recurring remuneration this will be in respect of the provision to you of ongoing product information we believe to be relevant to your circumstances and providing responses to any ongoing queries you may have on the contract once you have taken it out. It also contributes to our costs in supporting you with claims including maturity claims.

Current Specific Fees and Charges

1.  BCP Discretionary Property Portfolio Service Charge

0% per annum of the investor’s assets under management.

2. BCP Management Charge applicable to BCP ARF, BCP AMRF and BCP PRB contracts*

For investments into BCP Structured Products, BCP receive an annual management fee of [0.5% of the  of the original amount invested in the Structured product x Term of the Structured product]. The deductions for the annual management fee will be deducted from the maturity proceeds or kick-out proceeds on the individual maturity dates/kick-out dates or where a product is surrendered early on the surrender date.

*A(M)RF; Approved (Minimum) Retirement Fund.  PRB: Personal Retirement Bond