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BCP Global Equity Absolute Return Bond 12

BCP is delighted to launch the new BCP Global Equity Absolute Return Bond 12 which aims to provide positive absolute returns from global equities, with low volatility, combined with high levels of performance participation and capital security. The underlying fund has a strong track record of 3.9% p.a. (CAR) since inception, achieved through different market conditions, and with little or no correlation to global equity market performance.

The credit rating for Investec Bank plc. was recently upgraded by 1 notch to A1 (Moody’s) with a Stable Outlook.

Key Features:

  • Underlying Asset: Merian Global Equity Absolute Return (GEAR) Fund
  • Growth Plus Version: 210% Participation in the Fund Performance with 90% capital security
  • Growth Version: 110% Participation in the Fund Performance with 95% capital security
  • Average, Best, Worst and Recent 5 year Fund return of +29.4%, +41.5%, +9.6% and +10.1% respectively (Source: Bloomberg as of 30th November 2018)
  • Investment term 5 Years, with Daily Liquidity
  • Available to: Personal Investors, Corporates, Charities, SSAP’s, AMRF’s, ARF’s, PRB’s, PRSA's and through the Friends First SDIO Platform
  • Minimum Investment €30,000 (Denominations of €1,000) Reduced minimum investment €15,000 where investments are completed in full online using vespro.bcp.ie 
  • Closing date is 20th March 2019


Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. Warning: If you invest in this product, at maturity you could lose 5% (Growth Version) or 10% (Growth Plus Version) of the money you invest. Warning: If you encash before maturity, capital security will not apply to your investment. The encashment amount may be more or less than the capital secure amount and you may lose some or all of the money you invest. Liquidity is only available in normal market conditions. Warning: Investors should satisfy themselves independently of the taxation treatment of the Bond, particularly in relation to Revenue reporting requirements and implications for non-disclosure. Warning: The return on your investment in this product may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates. Warning: If Investec Bank plc were to default, you will lose some or all of your investment and potential returns.

SSAP is Small Self-Administered Pension. ARF is Approved Retirement Fund. AMRF is Approved Minimum Retirement Fund. PRB is Personal Retirement Bond. PRSA is Personal Retirement Savings Account. CAR Compound Annual Return.